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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Long time quiet, but still not dead

Ok, here comes the post!
I was unable to write for some time, because I found an interesting job with some possibilities to combine it with studies, so I made some sites and configured a whole server. But, as I found, this is not kind a work I like.
This work can give money to advance, to feed yourself, but I want to... You know! Booom! Headshot!
So, I clearly checked some of my 'money-making' sites and bought myself a beer and.. new notebook. I'm not going to post this silly kind of links - The Best PC ever. I'll post a link to a advertisment provider which favoured me with a great money dotations, so I can read a sum I need quickly. If you are ready to take some steps into Affilate Marketing Business or just thinking about it, MoreNiche is now giving 45$ as a bonus to any staring webmaster. Have you seen? They got great brand new sponsors: design studio, Online Games,
Visitor Reaction Tracker. All this perfectly work with other outstanding products: Sex Energetics Tehniques, Proactol and special Guides of making money through Internet.

P.S. Don't forget, you can refer your friends to the system, and get part of money they earn as a reward.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Great news!

Proactol is making me a salary!

Month ago I started a secret mission to gain some money from Web. As I've found some articles on affilate marketing, I got deeper into the problem and started my own site, which is selling Proactol - well-known diet pill.

And what is hot?

Only few days ago I've found that my affilate marketing sponsor, who deal with money-making and selling great books online, started a great competition on selling proactol. Those bloggers who sell some of this product get a great bunch of money.
So, I'm started thinking on other site (great concept and original articles) to get another piece of new-year-pie.

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